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Any animals, birds, insects, spiders, reptiles .... etc. etc.
Fauna or faunæ is all of the animal life of any particular region or time.
The name comes from Fauna, a Roman fertility and earth goddess, the Roman god Faunus, and the related forest spirits called Fauns. All three words are cognates of the name of the Greek god Pan, and panis is the Greek equivalent of fauna. Fauna is also the word for a book that catalogues the animals in such a manner. The term was first used by Linnaeus in the title of his 1747 work Fauna Suecica. (credit wikipedia)


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All birds

Butterflies and moths

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Butterflies and moths


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bugs, creepy crawlies, flies, bees, etc.


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All mammals


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snakes, lizards, frogs, tortise, turtle etc.


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Spiders and their relatives


In botany, flora (plural: floras or florae) has two meanings: a flora (with a lower case 'f') refers to the plant life occurring in a particular region, generally the naturally occurring or indigenous plant life, while a Flora (with a capital 'F') refers to a book or other work describing a flora and including aids for the identification of the plants it contains such as botanical keys and line drawings that illustrate the characters that distinguish the different plants. Floristics is the study of floras, including the preparation of Floras.

The goddess Flora is one of the three goddess offices held in the Grange or Patrons of Husbandry. The other goddesses are Pomona, and Ceres.

The term flora comes from Latin language Flora, the goddess of flowers in Roman mythology. The corresponding term for animal life is fauna. Flora, fauna and other forms of life such as fungi are collectively referred to as biota.
(credit wikipedia)


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People, places, things

The English noun people has two distinct fields of application:

as a singular noun, a group of humans, either with unspecified traits, or specific characteristics (e.g. the people of Spain or the people of the Plains).
as an irregular plural noun, people is the suppletive plural of person. However, the word persons is sometimes used in place of people, especially when it would be ambiguous with its collective sense (e.g. missing persons instead of people). It can collectively refer to all humans or it can be used to identify a certain ethnic or religious group.
(credit wikipedia)

Business related

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Business related people, places, projects etc.


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Direct family members and close relatives


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Other images that don't fit anywhere else!


Landscapes, sunsets, sunrises, moonscapes.
A view is what can be seen in a range of vision. View may also be used as a synonym of point of view in the first sense. View may also be used figuratively or with special significance—for example, to imply a scenic outlook or significant vantage point. (credit wikipedia)

Digitally altered/modified images

Anything that has been significantly altered from the original images captured.


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Landscapes, panoramas etc.


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night views


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Droplets and Reflections

Interesting reflections in droplets and other natural scenes

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Images for record

This category contains images that are NOT my best work, but I have placed them here becuase they show things/animals/insects etc. that I have seen and photographed, and are therefore a record of sighting.

A Begining ...

To all that are interested, and all that view these images, please note this IS a work-in-progess!

Both from a content, perspective and from a quality (image and info) perspective.
I am on a learning journey, both with my understanding of the natural world and my technical ability to take useful and pleasing images of the things, people, places, animals, insects, birds etc. I encounter on a daily basis.

All these images are mine, and are not free for general use. If you would like access to use specific images please contact me. (ivan "at" andersen "dot" co "dot" za) or via the contact form on the right hand side of this window, or via this link :

Some of the categories are private, if you feel you should have access to them, again, please contact me.
Others are open for comment, and I welcome constructive input.

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